So every six months my dear mother harasses me to go the dentist but as they would say I’m a bit stubborn ,when I say I’m not doing something , I’m not doing it .And going to the dentist is almost as bad as going to the doctor which I haven’t done in years , nice guy but I don’t want to be poked and prodded by some stranger .

I have always had perfect healthy teeth , I was always  the envy of my brothers and classmates, even strangers because when they were getting braces and fillings and teeth pull outs , I was getting compliments from the dentist . My teeth game was strong .

My dentist has always been Indian ladies , the entire family is in the business and they are so kind and friendly , I didn’t mind it . It wasn’t as bad as going to the doctor .

So there I was skipping to the dentist , I strolled in , swagger on high , the receptionist told me to wait a bit . I perused through the same boring half dead magazines , tried to hook up to the wifi , and finally it was my turn .Before I could realize it was too late , the door had already closed behind me with a thud .

They had changed my dentist , it was no longer the sweet pretty Indian lady that told me about her culture and kids it was a huge over 6 ft man built like a line backer . He  wreaked of sweat and a bad body odour , he looked scary ,he talked scary . Where was batman when you need him ?

I looked back at the door and the dentist assistant smiled at me .I sat in the chair and while my spit was being sucked up , he reached over me and my eyes sprang water .

The teeth cleaning was horrifying , he pulled up every gum and flossed and cut the little I had left .I was screaming .It was a living horror movie . It was over and then I went to rinse out my mouth , I had never been to the dentist and seen so much blood come out of my mouth .

My teeth were sensitive and my gums raw ,I couldn’t breathe air through my mouth .My nose cells died off one by one because this guy had his armpit stretched over me .I couldn’t eat the entire day .Then they had the nerve to want to give me fifteen percent off the next visit for all emotional , mental and physical trauma .

At one point he said ‘Open wide ‘ and I was like ‘No . nuh huh ‘ , shaking my head . He had the balls to say I had perfect teeth after he had just finished playing fruit ninja in my mouth .

So now guess who aint going to the dentist  ?

I value my life and my sense of smell .




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