I can’t sleep , no matter how hard I try . I ‘m just lying here listening to sounds . Cars , me breathing . I bet if I get up to watch a movie by the time i get ready to watch the movie I’d have fallen asleep . Today could’ve been better . Tomorrow I hope will .

What do you do when you can’t fall asleep ? I have no one to message because as you know I have no friends  , maybe I should read a book . I haven’t read in a while .

I just can’t fall asleep .

I might just wander around the house  a bit .

I keep thinking about him , even though I know he isn’t thinking about me .I need fun , I need something to occupy my time .

I’m gonna go sit by the window , I might read a book , wander the house a bit .

Did I tell you my dad lost his job .He’ll be fine .

I started watching fifty shades of grey . It’s interesting , but something is missing .

Why are you up so late  ?

What do you do to fall asleep ?




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