Dear fellow bloggers ,

What have i gone to ?

It all started with the innocent googling of if chewing too much gum causes your cheeks to get bigger by over using the jaw muscles .Then i ended up on wikihow learning how to lose weight from cheeks by doing mouth exercises . Now my cheeks aren’t all that big but who comes up with these stuff and does wikihow always have the most random stuff . I once found out on wikihow how to get an Asian boyfriend .I had recently watched the Big Bang Theory and had thought Raj was hot .

But who follows these steps ? It was once , jeesh .

Do they  actually work ?  Where is the scientific data to prove that these steps will give the required results ?

Any ways my cheeks will soon look fabulous thanks to wikihow .

Get those well abbed cheeks you’ve always wanted .

I will soon be the envy of the world . mwhahahaha. Too much early morning sugar .

Lose Weight from Your Cheeks Step 10.jpg
Lose Weight from Your Cheeks Step 11.jpg

What random thing have you googled or found ?

Good Morning 🙂




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