I recently came across a couple of nudists and while sitting on the bus it came to me .Where are the attractive nudists ? It’s always the women with no tits or those who look like they have never worn a bra in all their lives strutting around .

Men who have nothing to show really ,sometimes you have to squint so hard to see it and they have the beer belly or look out of shape .

What the eff ?

Now don’t get me wrong in no way am i bashing peoples personal choices or different body types but it’s just a random observation . But I have never came across a nudist that was fine as hell .

Where the Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian,Rihanna,Beyonce looking ones at ?

Where are the Hugh Jackman , Vin Diesel , Enrique Iglesias looking nudists be at ?

If you could find nudist like those , I think you all would have a better chance at proving your points on nudism just saying .

Either way you have to be confident and comfortable with your body to walk around naked , so kudos to you all .But for me i’ll keep my clothes on .

Am I a nudist ? no

I’m that comfortable with my body yet , maybe when ‘m old and it’s all hanging you know ?When there’s nothing much to see .

Are you a nudist ? Would you ever be one ?

Are strippers nudists ? mhmm.




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