So like every other spectacular day I wake up,  grab some breakfast and  i log into facebook , i scroll through people’s pictures and status updates , jokes , videos , you know the regulars , block another candy crush game request .

But then i see you , yes you people and my fingers itch to block your ass.You post a status every morning , noon ,, and night and in between , ‘I love you baby ‘  ‘Miss you so much ‘ , ‘Wish you here ‘ , ‘I love you so much ,thanks for last night ‘

and the long emotional quote ‘What would i do without you my world , my life , bah blah blah ‘

Now if you can post that online can’t you text that to him/her ?

I don’t mind you letting the world know of your undying love but 6 times per day ?What are you trying to prove ? You have internet ?

And then the guy replies with a smiley face or wink . And when you break up the unfaithful quotes and better me as a person quotes start appearing . And yes guys do it too .

And if i ever have a boyfriend and he does that shit to me 6 times per day the maximum is two post per year , i’m unfriending and blocking you . What the eff ?

That is too much pressure and spotlight .Setting yourself up for embarassment and having to delete posts every two months . Besides its extra clingy and make you look desperate and so proud you have a boyfriend like its a life accomplishment  .

Y’all should stop that shit , fucking up my mornings .

And the pictures of you kissing every day ….

I’m happy for and we get it your really together and passionate and in love but that doesnt mean I want to see swapping spit everyday .

Whats wrong with y’all ?




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