So i’m curious to see the new movie to fifty shades of grey , i had started reading the book and i hope it lives up to my expectations .

I can see why women are so turned , it’s like a hidden fantasy made public . It’s what we’ve all been thinking but just not brave enough to say.

So now i have been going to job interviews , and meeting guys thinking i’m in fifty shades of grey . It’s a freaks daydream .

So where the fuck is my fifty shades of grey , where do i sign ?!

Where is the hot guy and the freaky room ? and toys ?

Will you be watching ?


I heard Lolo Jones the  thirty something virgin saying the movie is an abomination and yada yada .That’s what happens when you’re thirty and everybody is getting it except you . I’m kidding i understand her point but sheesh , what a mood killer .

If i ‘m still a virgin at 30 , i’ll be on BBC and CNN going crazy .

So where is my Christian Grey ?

Don’t let me end up being Lolo.




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