Why is it with old people that whenever they leave the house and they leave a teenager in it they think they are either going to be fucking or masturbating when they are gone ?

lol we are not all rabbits ? we masturbate or fuck every second , well ….

my grand aunt does this ever so often , i think its because her grand kids who she thinks the world of one of them got pregnant and she thinks they are perfect and if they do something everybody else their age does it because they are perfect .

It just annoys me , old people ….Did i tell you that Spanish people live behind me now ? . Every single day i go outside and sit in the shed and hope i hear them quarreling , you must be thinking huh ?

I mean I find it pretty funny listening to other people of different languages quarreling, especially Chinese. I used to crack up when i heard them in the Chinese shops .

Today was a good day I only wished i was in Trinidad at their carnival , to bump and grind and wear a hot feather costume .

I don’t know which University to choose and which programme. The two programmes i got accepted for are from two different universities . One is a better University , my dream university,  three year programme , and its in the sciences and i did the sciences and i made it through them but i don’t know if I do it if i’ll make it or enjoy it. But i’ll more and likely get a job after .

The other is my dream career, just less desired University , four years , way more competitive field and not much job prospect , and not that great of an atmosphere . Not so much parties and hype .

I know its sounds like i should have already picked one but its harder than it looks .We’ll see.

I can’t make up my mind .

What should i do ?





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