It has already begun …

The cheap flowers on the street side , love in the air , cheap chocolates , cheap wine , cheap lingerie , cheap everything .A ‘cheap’ night at a hotel for two , weddings , red all i see is red everywhere , love songs on the radio .People requesting them for the love of their lives , and yes , the over sized teddy bears . The coupons , the cards , dinner reservations , the what to get your valentines article …..The what not to get your Valentines article , the way to show you love him/her article .

You get the picture , Valentines day is atrocious , it’s a day for morons . In love , pffft . You just want it to end .And yes i sound like the bitter old lady from down the road .It’s like a corny, bad movie that won’t end , that you just keep saying ‘yeah right’ throughout .

By the way who gets married on Valentines day ? . That’s just messed up , are you that into love , it’s just tacky and mdiybreubgfhsym.

So to all you love birds out there who are celebrating valentines day .Valentines day suck .

Here’s why :

1)Those teddy bears can be carrying anything in them , lice , parasites , i’m just saying you never know where they might have been.

2) Wine , if he gives you wine he’s telling you your an alcoholic.Get some help .

3)Chocolate , Ebola isn’t over what if one of those ebola countries victims say ‘Screw America and shitty Valentines day ‘ and bleed or spit in the chocolate . Hello….

4)Roses , then the indigenous highly venomous and vicious spider crawls out while you get the vase and some water and procreate and hatch baby eggs in your living room.And then they’ll make the movie ‘Tarantula ‘ and guess who’s starring in it ?.hehe.

5)Rose petals : jump on that bed and pray there aren’t any thorns .lol.

6)Dinner Reservation .boring .

7)Jewelry . uhm . i’m thinking hold on . A piece of metal and rock to symbolise your undying love and it’s cold too . Does that mean the love is dead and a weight around your throat , neck or finger .Stay with me here .

Those reasons sucked and i hope you choke on love .

So seeing those intelligent and well put together reasons i hope you agree that Valentines day is a plague .

And by now you must have realised my post has nothing to do with Ebola that much and your going to wonder what the efffff. Happy Valentines Day .hehe

What do you think?

I’m not always this mental .





Add yours

  1. Cheap degrades. Go good or don’t go. If possible go big. Gifts are for form, show or affection. Cheap only works with form unless it is inexpensive and creative/unique.

    You must make your own ” romance”. It can be done on Valentine’s Day. If it is done for real affection

    Lust is a separate acceptable reason. It requires passion. What you describe has no passion

    Passion is chilled champagne with chocolate dipped strawberries eaten as foreplay. I like mine ” double-dipped”. Passion can make stereotypic things extraordinary

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