The Grammy this year was so boring .I expected good music , good entertainment , it felt like it had too many boring artists even though you have to give other artists a chance because people have different taste .The Grammy be on some ish and they better get it right next year !Usher put me to bed  what had me barely holding on was that he is fine . Am i the only one feeling like the Grammy awards is turning into a joke ?

I mean once upon time a Grammy Award used to mean everything , you had to watch and would be on the edge of your seat , It was all people talked about for weeks .But now nobody takes it that serious , it’s like it has lost all of it’s meaning . I loved Rihanna’s dress , Nicki minaj looked so good too , Beyonce looked ok , she looks like she’s always wearing the same sequin dress and colour hair , it was boring and predictable , Ciara had nice legs and Taylor Swift looked really good .And by the time it started all we saw were memes on Iggys hair , i kinda liked it , i thought it was cute .

But Rihanna and Kanye ‘s performance with Paul Mccartney woke me up , it was refreshing and she sounded amazing , but the performance that took it for me was John legend and Common’s song glory , it was everything and i can see why they saved the best for last . Beyonce was good .Katy Perry was okay .The songs by Beyonce and John Legend are from the movie Selma and if you haven’t watched it you’re missing out .I literally cried through the movie , it was heart wrenching .

Yes Kanye got his ass up and went to take the award from Beck and ranted back stage that he should’ve given his award to Beyonce . I think that was rude the man obviously even if you havent heard of him have some talent and put in hardwork into his album , Beyonce has about 20 grammy awards already .And even if you don’t think h deserves it , his album must have made it for him to even be in that category so people must be listening to him .

So in the end you gave him exposure because now everybody knows who he is and might be curious to know what he sounds like . And even if you thought so that’s not the way to go about it , im just glad he didn’t do it this year .

So overall the grammy barely made it to okay .

Oh what made it okay was that i saw Shia Lebouf in a suit . He was FINE .

Maybe one day i’ll win a grammy . lol.


What did you think ?




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