It was raining .So hard you could feel the umbrella straining under the weight of the raindrops and so cold you could feel it in your bones and my cheeks felt like there tearing off . Then this shiny silver BMW pulls up . The window rolls down and  the heat from inside hits you . He was in his fifties , not bad looking. He kept staring at my chest like he could see my breasts through my coat or if he stared hard enough my coat and sweater would disappear .

“Do you want a ride , I promise i’m not a creep or anything ?”


“A pretty girl like you out alone ?, c’mon let me give you a lift , besides its freezing out there and I could warm you up”

I dunno something about the way he said warm you up creeped me out a bit .

“No thanx ” I said and I gave him the look.The annoyed , angry and please stop talking to me look.

“Suit yourself , but baby girl “he said flashing his expensive diamond watch on one hand and barely holding on to the steering wheel “I can be your sugar daddy give you anything you need , next time you might wanna come with me , you might wanna a ride” . He had a wide grin on his face .

“Yeah sure sugar daddy ,I’ve been meaning to visit the police station for a while now , I like a man in handcuffs ”

He drove off so quick .I’ve always had a younger look. Or maybe sexual harassment struck in .

I don’t think i could , you know , be some rich guys bitch .Just for the money .Yes you enjoy life in luxury and all but at what price .Not everything is meant to be priced. If you fall in love and are together fine .But i like my own stuff , that i buy , with my own money .

Does that make you a prostitute ? ,a high paid one or is it a symbiotic relationship i get the money and you get the young hot body for fuck and company . But isn’t that what prostitutes do .

Hey to each is own , no judgement .

But I always wondered what it would feel like to fuck an older guy .You know to the very last inch of his life .

Would you be a sugar daddy or be a sugar daddy’s bitch ?





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