They think its a joke that i’m just playing but the first chance i get i’m moving , somewhere where the only thing i recognize is my shadow i know eventually i’ll have to come back home for a weekend every year . But I can’t wait .To me it’s like freedom , it’s like flying .I just want to be alone in my own space and do what i want , be what i want  .

There’s some Spanish people living behind us , the guys are cute , i saw one of them freaked out and my mom noticed it ,i just kept staring and acting weird , i feel so stupid , like i was five .So guess who’s never gonna live it down and who’s gonna stay inside more now .

Shes probably broadcasting it to Old G and the entire neighbour hood and how much work she’s done in the house and how tired she is .Because Old G starts noticing the amount of work i do in the house and she feels it makes her look less but she works so whats the big deal .

Life feels like its in slow motion but when i look at the calendar days have gone by .

I have started practicing my Spanish and Portuguese and maybe start some Chinese or French . Some places only make you , and thats all they are in life . I just want to move so badly .Just be on my own . Sometimes a voice says go and just don’t look back , never look back ,just keep going and i start walking but reason kicks in and i fucking turn back .

But one day i’m just gonna say fuck it and keep walking .But the world is a dangerous place and you cant just start going and dont have a plan . But i do have a plan , to never come back .

I think my mom has hit a nerve , just annoyed the shit out of me , her mouth ever going .She says i don’t think before i speak and i end up insulting people .That’s because i don’t have a filter .I say whats on my mind , she didn’t have a problem with the truth until it was her and her boyfriend i think . I just wanna yell shut up !

But respect and fear won’t let me . Some of us , sometimes we just need to stop talking .

Ever dreamt u could see yourself sleeping ? or see yourself sleeping while sleeping ?

So whats yours ?




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