It’s so cold it makes me think of a nice warm body to cuddle next to . I think my dog thinks so too because he keeps cuddling up to me whenever i sit somewhere for awhile .Like he’s saying i’m supposed to be cuddling with my soul mate but i’m stuck here with this bitch . He’s all i have really and he always leaves me covered in dog hairs . He’s pretty special .

I wish men were like dogs , dogs are easy to understand and there loyal . Men are more like cats .They shit everywhere . And they make too many sounds during sex.How would i know i’ve watched enough porn to know . Besides they always disappear all over the place . And they rub up on everybody .

They say women can’t make up there mind when they decide after 15 years they don’t want to marry the woman there with or they want to marry them .

Okay imma stop this is starting to sound like a man bashing post and guys are awesome. Just ask my dad .

I can’t wait for Old G and my other Old G to leave . I can have peace and serenity .

And sleep without them making snide remarks about me never waking up .And kids now a day blah blah blah .

Yes were over privileged but it comes with a price .

Plus i have to cook so much .I love cooking but sometimes it gets tiring .And it doesnt mean u shud use it against me because i enjoy doing it . .”Alexandria my breakfast !, Alexandria my lunch! ,Alexandria my dinner !” .

What i want to know is who cooked for you bitches at home ? .This aint a four star restaraunt . But im a sucker for old people and cooking .

I saw an old classmate .And he looked the same as in primary school.I kept my head straight and barely glimpsed him and he did the same .Its a thing i do . People change , people evolve , people are not the same people they used to be . They might think there too cool or better than you or gotten full of themselves .

Mom says i might have to stay with an aunt while going to university .I dont wanna . They are just gonna hawk all over you and its going to be real uncomfortable . I have never really spoken to her and her husband . And some families will turn you into there maid especially when they think your enjoying privileges you havent paid for .

If i could only get a job . I cant go .I don”t wanna . I’m gonna change my life , change my faith .Fate , i said fate .

I get a pass today its my time of the month .

What are you up to ?

See you tomorrow 😉 .




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