I like old people , they have amazing stories , great sense of humor and they talk forever especially since i’m not much of a talker i don’t feel awkward trying to hold the conversation . I wasn’t that bad but as the years went by my ability to talk to people decreased .I got more shy and self conscious .

I gave a woman some change today .I think she worked one over on me because she always sees me and my mom and she is probably going to have a good cackle with her friends and gamble it because she doesn’t want to spend her money .It’s the last penny i give away .

That’s the thing the good suffers for the bad because you don’t know who’s genuine and who’s not .You just have to take a leap of faith .Well i’m not taking anymore leap of faith .Mom asked if i had given her money , i lied and said no .

I shouldn’t be giving away what i don”t have .But i’m so gullible and stupid and every time i see that lady and her friends im going to feel so stupid .Oh well let it go .

My Old g , short for grandma , she’s nice but she makes me nervous . She is very hard to please and finds faults where there aren’t any .My other one she swings on whichever side is there .Hypocritical not really .She just tells the faults she has with you about the person you’re talking and then you next time with someone else . And they have mood swings today there up and tomorrow there grumpy well mostly old g .but look who’s talking .

I skipped a few days here because the days got hard and a bit suicidal . Nah i wont kill myself but we all have them .

My dad helps me through though , he’s amazing .He calls me everyday .I think he hears it in my voice that i’m a bit sad .

So he buys these snacks and sweets he used to buy me when i was like five and he knows i still buy because i love them and junk food .And even though it looks like he’s buying stuff for a five year old , he does it anyway . Plus i haven’t the heart to tell him no .

I feel like good things are going to happen . Don’t you ?




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