You thought her eyes were a window ,

In a room that housed her soul ,

And the things you saw behind it ,

Made you think she’d make you whole

So you started throwing pebbles ,

Begging her to let you in ,

Until the signs of your affection

Appeared as bruises on her skin

But what you’d fail to notice ,

Was that her curtains were drawn tight ,

And the promises that you’d seen ,

Were just tricks of the light

She’d become just a reflection ,

Of who you wished that she would be .

With a life to make yours better ,

And perfect personality ,

So when her window shattered

And you peered into her room

You found a very different person

To the one that you’d assumed

And i hoped you learned forgiveness

For the glass left on her floor

And for thinking that a person

Owed it to you to be much more

by E.H.

Erin Hanson , thepoeticunderground.com


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