1.When I get rich and famous like Oprah or that new rich african billionaire chick i can’t remember her name it started with a O .I will donate to charities and at each charity speech say how no one ever donated to me , that the bright kids get all the scholarships and the middle average students who just can’t make it to achieve such academic greatness feel suicidal and worthless and that everybody can’t be smart .And that all those companies and people suck and make kids with lack of self worth feel like shit .Yeah .

2. All the people who use to laugh at me at school , make those snide remarks .I have a long memory .So if you call to rich, ambitious future me .I’m gonna lean over and say “Whats up fake ass hoe ?!” and give you the hand and flash my 100% peruvian virgin hair at you.

3.All the guys who thought i was too stuck up , not pretty enough ,too skinny,too tall,too boring , too basic watch out i’ve been exercising ,doing them squats .Imma look like Kim Kardashian coming through ,Big titties , big butt too .I’m gonna look like Nicki Minaj had a baby with Usher .And more false hair than a horse .Imma look so good the human barbie is going to retire .just saying.

4.All you non-believers who thought i’d probably get pregnant , turn into a crack head or just not amount to anything in life .If it’s raining and i see you imma splash you .And im going to honk just so you know it’s me .

5.All the fake friends , you know the ones who called me gay , the ones said shit behind my back i’m going to slander you in media .I got your names right here .

6.Social media will never be the same i’d be slaying in every instagram picture .Beyonce would contact me to get tips and people would think their so perfect it couldn’t be possible , it had to be photoshop .Let the hate begin.

7.I’d marry my one true love ,Shia lebouf or Travis fimmel or Terrence Howard . You get the picture .We’d have the perfect babies .

Its a good thing i’m dirt poor because i would be an asshole .So right now i feel rich .I feel like i’m getting closer to inner peace .And i’m a simple girl  lol i really dont like that lifestyle i rather buy books and nice small house with a garden and an amazing guy that kisses me when it rains .you know .OMG I sound like an old lady .You know i’m controlling myself a lil bit better .It takes time . Too bad inner peace can’t buy a cheese pizza with bbq topping .

Sigh .

I’ll just take shia lebouf . and the pizza 🙂 maybe some alcoholic punch and some hot wings.and some freaky music on the side .a strip pole though ? a pool? nah jacuzzi . or just grass just saying .it aint gotta be shmancy .

Have a lovely night .

What would you do if u had u know money ?





Add yours

  1. Well I already came into about 75 grand and within 3 months it was all gone, because that is exactly what I did with the money, I helped as many people friends and some just aquantinances and those who were struggling and doing there best but just not getting ahead of anything, and I didn’t even save any for myself when I went out and bought myself a new vehicle, and paying out my ass in payments for that beautiful chick magnent, but I am a freaky ugly dumbass who can’t be with the ones who say or think that they are better than me or that are just as you described what guys think about you, but would you ever go out or be with a geek or a so called nerd, or one of the non popular jocks who would fantasize about being with someone as beautiful as you and jack off at home in fantasy land just hoping you will notice him?? You should or rather I have started noticing and saying hi to the ones I used to ignore and hope they wouldn’t say anything to me so I wouldn’t have to speak to them, and it has given me a better feeling about myself. Oh yeah I still wank off a lot but that is my self esteem and depression that I have to work on, from years of bullying and torture from siblings and one parent who abused me in ways I don’t want to relive, so now I can’t relieve stress of myself with out the vision that someone one day will show me some love and attention or just notice me.
    So now in my twisted sick frikken mind I show myself to a selected few women just to give myself some relief, how fukked up am I now from all the abuse and humiliation of all the previous years of ignoring and being belittled by all my so called friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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