How do you politely end a conversation especially when someone is just starting to get into the conversation? I mean if you’re sleepy and you tell them that  they’ll probably think you think they’re boring .

If you do randomly leave they think you’re being a bitch and rude .

If you say good night they might think you don’t wanna talk to them .

To be honest it might be 12:30 past midnight and imma lie and tell your annoying ass i’m going out for pizza , or i’m turning it up in the club when we both know i don’t go anywhere period .Especially after midnight .Especially because my mom has seen taken too many times .

So i just say later .But i know i don’t want to talk to you until later next month . But you think later this evening and i feel obligated to text you back or tell you one month after that my phone memory was full and i couldn’t afford a new memory cad because i had downloaded too many Shakira songs and I couldn’t chose between you and bae and that my phone couldn’t receive any messages .

Sometimes i do pretend i don’t get any fb  message especially when the message comes up in message and i start reading it and don’t wanna reply and just don’t click on it .

I know i’m an awful person but who cares .

How’s ur nite ?

Are you having any fun ?




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