It’s day 18 already, who knew it would last this long , I don’t put much effort in things that long .I’m a hit it and ditch it . I’m a giver upper .Which i know isn’t a real word but who cares .It’s my nephews birthday today , which means i have to take him out tomorrow . Lol every year i buy him a toy truck and every year the kid looks like he’s seen heaven .In the next two years hopefully it’ll wear off .He tries so hard to be mature , but at the end of the day he still sleeps with his teddy bear and loves spongebob .

I dunno i just woke up hella happy today .I said bitch you’re gonna be happy , you got life , you got ass and you got free internet and food !

I dunno today feels like a good day ! That is not a good combination because i’m a mischievious girl at heart .  lol what can i say i like trouble . So i’m gonna go like a few guys fb pics ad insta pics , reply to a few , you know why not it’s a good day !

Damn all thats missing is a beach , a magarita , and shia lebouf , and a bikini .But if shia ‘s there who needs a bikini 😉 .


How has your day been ?!



but today you can call me Dria  😉


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