So i didn’t get the job and i feel like shit .But hey you have to move on and try other places .One job turn down isn’t the end of the world .But somehow it feels like it .Like you thought you were moving but still stuck in traffic .The thing is you tell your self you won’t get it and to not be too disappointed but when you don’t you still feel disappointed .And the worse part it’s telling people you didn’t get it .Like a bad tooth ache .

But i understand fighting for a job is like fighting with the world because so many people are jobless . This stay at home and get a job shit doesn’t look too promising now . But hopefully it’ll get better .For now i’m gonna sit a bathtub filled with water and cry my eyeballs out .I don’t know why this one hit me so hard . It’s so stupid .Maybe i’s because I haven’t gotten any University response yet . I’m gonna go send out some more job applications and watch some supernatural and watch the world go by and hope to disappear  .Ay Caramba .




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