Today was okay and mellow . Took care of my nephew at home because he had asthma and had been at the hospital most  of Saturday .So he watched part of night at the museum while i crammed him up on fluids while he told me the joke he had about going the hospital and the doctor asking him to drink his medicine .Now he’s never been fond of medicine even though he’s been sick since he’s little . So he told the doc he would vomit it back up and the doc told him the only other way was injection .He drank that medicine faster than Usain could cross a 100 metre line .

Oh well it was funny when he told me . I took him home .On the way men whistled at me .I think men who whistle at women while their with kids are beyond desperate , i mean there’s a kid there .I just find it creepy . Besides does it ever work ? .

I mean instead you could just walk up to her introduce yourself and see what happens .If she likes you she’ll give you her number or email address . If she doesn’t well …

I mean we are the most elevated of the species it’s time we started behaving like one .Besides the last time i checked you only whistle at dogs and monkeys and my momma aint  found me at no zoo .

I wonder how men would feel if we whistled at them like : hey baby ! you got a nice ass ! shake what your momma gave ya !

A little extreme but you get the point . But then again maybe life would be simpler ..You wouldnt have to wait a year for a guy to muster up the courage to say hi to you .

How would you feel if i whistled at you ? 😉




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