I haven’t written here in two days and it feels like it’s been forever .I have been so busy just doing nothing much with my family , listening to stories and such .And even if i do get a chance to come on the laptop they’re always peeping over my shoulders .

I went out with my Grandma yesterday and people were looking i think its because people live in a world/society where they become ashamed of going out especially the young ones with their grandparents . I am not because when i get old i want somebody to go out with me too and not look at me like i’m senile .

So ! I saw a guy i really liked from high school , he is soo cuuute and his body is everything , i said hi to him .sigh . he said back hi. i smiled . he smiled . It was a good day .

My stepfather got drunk again , this time he touched me on my ass more like slapped , the thing that got me though was the look on my moms face .It’s like somebody turned on a light switch and i was reaching for the knife and i looked up and her face was puzzled but she did nothing . She just lay there . I dunno I just put it back down and left

I realised she was one of those moms who said if anybody did this or that to their kid they would be so furious but when it happens it’s the complete opposite and they do nothing .They’re just as bad as some parents but when they hear or see another persons situation they have more advice and opinions than a counsellor .

I’ve logged in and been online for a couple of days on messenger since i wasn’t here because i got lonely .And before you say anything logging in and staying online on messenger is a whole different thing from a blog .Anyways good thing i caught myself  .I always wondered why women chose men like that .Now i realise it’s desperation and naivety .

I’m gonna go look for some gonorrhea , erectile dysfunction and gay websites and type in his email address to subscribe for daily posts.I know its wrong and stupid and he’ll have to unsubscribe from them but it feels good and feels like justice for now .Later i’ll feel like crap and wish i didn’t do it and think he’s going to back track it to me.But bleh ! who cares .I’m gonna have a beer and laugh my bejeebies off.Its make trouble sunday .





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