I don’t get it y’all bitches be worried that a young girl gonna steal your man blah blah blah .You gonna beat somebodys ass and all that crap , and no this hasn’t happened to me but this is annoying now .It takes two if you’re gonna beat anybody you should beat the guy and if you’re going around beating peoples ass or insinuating he needs a beating you think he’s a child .

I’m just saying if he’s gonna cheat , he’s gonna , so stop saying that the young girl stole him when in truth and in fact he wanted out , he chose . And not everything is about sex , maybe you were boring or got boring ,.And if you had such an outstanding relationship he wouldn’t have left .Or the relationship could be as perfect as you want it and he’s still going to cheat . It’s life move on , men can leave you at any age . You think because you’re in your fifties he won’t leave you and because it’s been so long .

If you do decide to beat him , fellow family members and friends , innocent bystanders , atleast use a good enough camera .Not some grainy ass camera that looked like it was made when Columbus ‘disovered ‘ America .I’m just saying make sure we get quality beating material especially for those people who love to watch these things in hd .

Note : In no way am i promoting , or suggesting that wives , or girlfriends or women should beat men however when these ‘rare’ events occur i am simply suggesting that the camera be of high quality mega pixels be used .

So if i say good morning or say hello and your husband , boyfriend smiles too hard , don’t be a hater , it aint my fault just saying . All i said was a simple greeting , or a friendly conversation so calm your panties .

And guys saying a simple greeting or responding politely does not mean i want to have sex with you or in any way hitting on you  . It’s just simple manners .Females vice versa if a male said something politely or gives a harmless comment it doesn’t mean he’s hitting on you  .

I guess the good suffers for the bad .

Gonna go watch the new hobbit : five armies movie .lol , see ya losers  .

Note : losers was said in a playful way , you’re a winner .

You know i’ve been thinking if they circumcised women in some cultures so they won’t be promiscuous why not men , lol everything would probably be gone .Either way that ‘s a whole other topic .

Would you hit your spouse for cheating on you ?

And would you take being hit ?

And are there double standards in regards to males being physically abused by women ?




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