I have a job interview friday and i’m so nervous ! I can’t stop running all the humiliating scenarios in my mind . What if i mess it up .I’m a complete failure and even if i don’t i haven’t gotten my identification card yet . I’m so scared . I think i’m going to lose it both my mind and the interview .I hate myself sometimes for being so scared and hiding in the shadows . I have no confidence no inner or outer or whatever the fuck you wanna call it  .

I messed the first one up what if i mess this one up too ! My mom asked and had it arranged , they will be laughing at me about how i want a job and i cant even conduct a proper interview and don’t know what some words mean .I’m sooo scared .

I am a really shy person i don’t talk to people , i have no friends , people hate me literally and they haven’t even met me .I can’t carry a conversation to save my life .I suck .And i tune people out sometimes .And i have this bad habit of smiling when i’m nervous . Oh dear God , what am i going to do . Also i act really stupid sometimes and make a fool of myself .

If i die of a heart attack you willl all know why . Momma i love you .POP .Hold it down . I’m so scared what if it’s just me and a kabiliion people i wouldn’t even have a chance . Life is so fucked up .Pray for me or wish me luck or just tell me it’s gonna be okay ?





Add yours

  1. Take it from an Indian:
    1. No matter what the job, formals always look serious – minimalist makeup, light shirt, dark skirt and sexy glasses don’t hurt
    2. Have a toast at best in the morning, and just 5 mins before stepping into the room, drink any energy drink of your choice
    3. Talk slower than you usually do, gives you more time to think before you speak and you are less likely to fumble for words
    4. If you don’t know something, never beat around the Bush, politely tell them you don’t know and don’t let unanswered questions drag you down
    5. Try out postures before you go and select the one where you move/ fidget the least..

    And there you have it.. All the best and may God bless you with the will and strength you need..

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      1. O almost forgot.. Eye contact is important, but staring creepily at someone is dumb..

        I suggest keeping your eyes on them when they speak and when you analyse and think, look at some book, pen etc on the table.. And when you answer look at them again..

        A hint of smile make you look like a happy person.. But please keep in mind the thin line between a cheerful smile and a pedophile grin..

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