We all have done some crazy things when infatuation take over,  some might be a little extreme .lol .Here are mine :

1. I once okay maybe thrice searched on google how to hack a yahoo email account . Yeah i tried it and no it didn’t work . Curse you google ! And i reached page 2 before i realised that hacking a yahoo account is harder than you think .Then i thought i wouldn’t want other people invading my privacy blah blah blah . My conscience kicked in but i still wonder every now and then if i could try and hack his account but i won’t and can’t . Kudos to hackers it’s a bad ass job .

2.You once guessed their facebook or yahoo password and that didn’t work .

3.Put the phone on your chest and crotch and wait for it to vibrate when you get the message . lol.Don’t judge me .

4. I once created a fake fb profile or chat profile to get their attention , to see what their really talking about with other people . You ask them questions and you get different answers , a different personality and you realise their crazier than you . well maybe .

5. You get all prettied up and its so painful .I mean you get waxed , plucked , an extremely tight hairdo and you’re in so much pain . The clothes are too tight .You feel like a hooker but who cares you need him to notice you .You also practice the perfect response line and make sure you know his schedule , where he lives and home number, his id number ,drivers license , insurance , voters id, well not all of that im crazy not mental  .I’m just saying you have to know all the facts .

6.Searched their names into people search engine sites to see what accounts they have and used their email too to find out what they have been up to .

7.Look at their facebook profile everyday so you don’t miss anything .

8. Create a fake instagram so you could watch them because you don’t want them to know its you .

9. You searched their name and the work they do just in case .You know they could be serial killers in their spare time.

10.I called his phone number just to hear his voice and privated mine .

11. I told everybody he was ugly or isn’t good looking so everybody else would find him off too . I suggested all the physical flaws .When inside you’re acting like helga from hey arnold with that locket with his picture in it reading shakespeare to him in some back alley .

12.You daydream over his picture and imagine the perfect life together .You make sure you brush up on his body when you can .Every chance .You’re like a damn flee .

13. You stalk his relatives whether social media or real life . You have to meet the family some day why not now . Besides genes tell alot there are chances that your kids will come out looking like the aunt or uncle or parents .My baby needs to flawless . I don’t want no damn shrek .

NOTE : Most of these were done while currently unemployed and having no life and no daily activities and tons of spare time . Also girls are found to over react due to their hormones especially while menstruating .

What are yours ?





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