I saw that he was online a while ago and the loneliness kicked in .I almost didn’t write a blog today because nothing much happened today except i ate pizza and drank coffee and rubbed my dogs belly ,he is sooo cute .I applied for jobs today , felt like a total failure , watched some youtube videos .

My mom came home like she always does bitching about everything in the world , who moved the towel, did u go over here , do that tomorrow , do this ,I’m tempted to say yes my queen but i can’t be bothered .I know she’s my mother but sometimes she’s so fucking annoying and miserable .If they open a return line at Walmart for mothers i’d wait out there all night .But be careful what you wish for huh , they say it’s just a phase but i think it’s the stage in life when you start really seeing your parents .Growing up you didn’t even bother to think about it but the more you learn , the more you see.

What am i going to do tomorrow , well go walking with dad , yeah that’s right i’m exercising then i eat kfc and grab a hersheys bar .But before you judge me , it’s my time of the month i deserve it .If you are a male reader i know i must have grossed you out . It’s life .

Gonna watch a movie later .

I miss him so much i know i must be crazy but look at it this way i have no one else, well besides you guys .I realise that i don’t really miss him it’s the idea of him and the feeling that you might have somebody . I thought he must be talking to someone else . Maybe somebody prettier .So i have come to the conclusion that i am also obsessed by the idea of him and also very stupid .

I haven’t gotten accepted to any Universities so it seems that i’m too stupid to even get into University too . If anything happens you’ll see me on Pornhub or Xvideo busting it open like Mia Khalifa or Sunny Leone . The first dunce/mentally challenged pornstar . Thanks Universities , for making me feel like shiit the beginning of the new year .

Ps. Is it weird i already have a pornstar name Alexandria love ?

lol how’s your Mondays ?

Also comment below if you want me to read your blog since i have no life .

Oh comment and recommend good movies and books ! now if they aren’t good when i watch or read them i’m gonna annoy and tell off your motherfucking ass .I accept all genres .

omg i wanna pee.

Good night




5 thoughts on “DAY 12 : IF ANYTHING HAPPENS

Add yours

  1. Read mine.. It’s dark in every possible way anyway..
    I would’ve read like 15 book and that too only best Sellers to date so I’m so not the guy who should be giving you book suggestions.. And I’m guessing porn really doesn’t count for “movies” 😀

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  2. O by the way.. As for getting over someone.. Personally, objectifying your crush and masturbation to a point where they no longer excite you is one of the best ways to let go.. More you shagg to them.. Less you think of them once you cum..

    That’s just me..

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  3. Well i was just admiring your god blessed ass background photo and yeah I got a 3/4 hard dick right now and slippery hands from the lotion I’ve been putting on all FRIKKEN DAY whew maybe that will slow me down, nope not a chance in hell.I just watched a movie last night called the Equalizer that had Denzel Washington in it as a Kick ASS dude that could not be killed no matter what came his way, screw terminator this was a slow long drown out movie but when it came to the action parts dayummm it was gripping with excitement and curiosity to what was going to happen, and then I was on the porn site that I go to that has pornhub as an affiliate of it. and I have a profile there as well probably with a profile picture of my mini me wanna be. If you go to work for Pornhub or Xvideo can I just mail you or better yet I will personally stand out side somewhere in your area cut my mini me off, throw it and my account information to you and then put a bullet in my eyes so I won’t be torchered and want to stare at your magnificent gorgeous goddess body that you have and if I could I would have your thong picture and the position of you in that picture as my screen saver on my desktop so I could jerk off to you every night and every morning while I am dreaming about you when I am sleeping, OMFG I want to run my tongue over every inch of your body and taste every bit of you every frikken second of every minute of every hour of every day of the rest of your life except for my last 1 minute of my last breath so that I will never be with out you at any point in my life to die trying to bring you all the pleasure and joy that your body and mind can handle !!!!!! I just became universal with both of my hands now cause while one was typing the other one went to work strokin damn that may be a good thing, what do you think????

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