I know i have missed a couple of days .I’m thinking of starting a work out .You know exercise. Today i sat down and i had to hold my gut in so hard .It looked soo big , i mean i know just ate but my stomach made me look like i was about to birth a baby . shit got me looking fucked up .My mom  says yeah i could workout if i wanted to but she didnt see the belly i was so paranoid about .Tssk .Mothers , they never see it . lol

Then it had me wondering because isn’t that how anorexics start .My motivation is i want a India Westbrook , Beyonce ,Crystal Westbrook body  .I  know you must be wondering who are these people ?They are on instagram . They are sisters and they are so pretty .They look like they have the perfect life , i mean everything you could dream of .Karreuche  and Rihanna too they have amazing bodies especially Rihanna .Her body is perf ..

So now i’m stuffing my face with six oreos.What can i say misery loves company .

I saw a friend of mine working at a supermarket and i didn’t call to him .I feel bad but who the fuck cares i wasn’t in the mood .

I feel so tired .Like i’m running a race and it won’t stop . My mom says i’m lazy but it isn’t i feel tired like muscle aching tired .Maybe somethings wrong with me .But who would believe me .

So what have you been up ?




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