I’m scared to look out the window at nights and only to see someone staring back at me.

I’m scared to leave my facebook page unattended for a week out of fear someone will hack it and posts filthy things as me  or go through my messages.

I’m scared to walk past a group of guys because they will all be evaluating me .

I’m scared people won’t like me because they will think i’m insufficient or too weird .

I’m scared I will be nothing in life and the days are just going to pass me by and i wouldn’t have made anything out of life.

I’m scared i’ll never be able to have children , never know what it feels like to create a life from within made partly from myself .

I”m scared that i’ll succeed and all i’ve ever wanted will be mine .

I’m scared one day God will stop forgiving me of my sins .

I’m scared when i get old i will have nothing look back on and i would have wasted my days .

I’m scared i’ll never have friends .

I’m scared i’ll never find love and if i do i won’t know it or i’ll ruin it .

I’m scared of heights though i’ve always wanted to fly .

I’m scared of what will happen to me after death .

I’m scared my parents won’t be around one day .

I’m scared he’ll marry someone perfect and have the perfect life and won’t remember me .

I’m scared of spiders , the eight legs shit scare the bejeebies out of me .

I’m scared that i’m nothing and don’t see myself as pretty .

I’m scared that my hymen will break

I’m scared i’ll start exercising and my breasts will get smaller .

I’m scared of needles .

I’m scared of operations , that i’ll go under and won’t wake up .

I’m scared of being alone .

I’m scared of the world and what it will do to me if i let it .




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