So I had to sneak this one in because my family is busy and i would most definitely have no time to write this later . As i am writing mosquitoes are bombarding me from all angles .I can’t remember the last time i have seen so many mosquitoes , it must be because of the sudden increase in rain over the previous weeks and these have evolved because they aren’t afraid of the sprays they just bounce back  or they aren’t making them like they use to (sprays) .

I went for a morning walk today and saw my Dad. My Dad is fun to be around , he is soo funny and i missed him so much .I don’t like being too far away from him because i fear something will happen to him and i will blame myself for not spending all the time i can with him while he was living .It would break my heart .

It was so funny because a drunk guy came up to us and my dad faked a phone call and we moved up the street . It was too early for that man to be drunk . He needed help . I felt kinda sorry for him ,he probably was an alcoholic .

My mom said that too much people put their personal business on the internet especially social media eg. facebook and i dunno it got to me .I started to freak out .What if i’m sharing too much with you guys . But the question is what if any of what i’m telling you is real .It could all be a fiction of my imagination.

So dear fellow bloggers if anything happens and people connect me with this blog i will deny it and you like how Peter denied knowing Jesus . lol

We all have a great secret and well i guess this is mine .

So how has your day been ?




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