So i had this internet boyfriend , he was from Africa , at the time i thought well why not it couldn’t hurt , it wasn’t real . None of it was , it was on the internet! He would talk to me every evening , he goes to university there .I would send him pictures and he would send me one in which I could barely see him . I guess he was self conscious .

He told his parents about me and we were going to get married .I thought he was naive . We were so far away and we barely knew each other .If he had said real bf and gf it wudn’t have been that bad , but marriage was a whole other thing .I wud call him once or twice .But the truth is i didn’t like his voice , i think it was the accent or i was just being petty .

He sounded like when  men had a young guy/teen voice .He might’ve been that young .It’s the internet for crying out loud .

He told me he loved me and i said it back .I now know that love isn’t a word you use lightly it’s a word you don’t say unless you absolutely mean it .How could he be in love after such short weeks ?

Maybe he was looking for help and a better future in the wrong way . He told me once he needed a computer and i feared he was trying to use me . I told him i couldn’t help him . And fears that he was just trying to use me arose .I mean you can’t stereotype everyone but you learn from others mistakes .

After a while he got boring and i dumped him .We had nothing to talk about .He was scared of certain subjects and i had grown scared of him .

He still messages me , whenever he is free , which is once every month . I don’t think he really loved me ,because you pay more attention to the ones you love .He says he’s busy with school work and i say alright .

But after he messages me one more time i won’t reply , not to be cruel but because some things you just have to let go .

Im really going to bed now lol.




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