When a girl tells a guy she’s a virgin , they either don’t believe or can’t believe .Yet women make it look like your being a goody two shoes .

It’s like men think your something to be conquered a, a battle to be won , a trophy .But then why not be happy if you’re the one doing the poking and i’m the well you know going to be on receiving end of that poke .

I fear my first time .Will it hurt .Will i feel myself ripping / tearing apart ?

What if i suck at sex , i’m lame in bed and the experience is just dead ?

What if the guy can’t get it up ?

What if i’m insufficient ?

What if i hate it and never wanna have sex anymore and all i thought it would be will just leave me disappointed ?

What if i don’t bleed and he thinks i’m a liar ?

What if i bleed too much ?

What if it’s so painful and i can’t move afterwards ?

What if i get pregnant because i dont want him to wear a condom because i want to feel everything ?

What if he sucks ?

What if i never get to do it ? If i had twenty years to make love/ have sex and i did nothing with it and i never experience it ?

What if its beautiful?

What if its the wrong guy and years later i regret it so much and its the biggest regret i have in my life ?

Besides isn’t t a little awkward after ?

I’m gonna go to bed now before i get a migraine or high blood pressure .

Well,Good night

Tell me how was yours ?


What are your fears ?





Add yours

  1. That girl I was telling you about earlier, well I was 28 right out of the Army just before desert storm cause I had an accident jumping out of planes in the Army, long story some other time, anyways she is 4 years older than me and when we met she said that she was a virgin,I was totally blown away and was like are you frikken kidding me you are smokin Hott and you made me skeet my in my pants just by bending over in front of me and I got a down shirt view of your perky firm mouth watering boobs that I didn’t even have to stroke myself IO just skeeted all in my pants and it left a huge wet spot on the front of my jeans, I was like WTF ?? I am a grown man how in the F#@K did I just cumm just by vision, well in my mind I have always thought I am about around the age of 16, 17, or 18. I will never grow up I refuse to. I still jump and do flips and all kinds of tricks and stuff on a trampoline, but I always regret it the next day every simgle motherfukking time, but like I said I won’t let myself grow up !!! I own a home and rent it out cause it’s too big for just me so I can. I bought a 2013 Brand New Fully loade dodge ram 4 door truck and it’s a nice truck probably the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned or well paying for, and it’s payment is higher than my mortgage payment go figure. yeah I know guys always make stupid decisions, I have already said that once before…..

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      1. ok I don’t give a shiot I am going to do something stupid like I always do but I don’t care here is my phone number and I really don’t give it to anyone cause I have a thousand people calling me asking if I want to sell my house but dammit I want to figure out how to snap chat and chat anytime of the day just to say hi and I am thinking about you, I know I am an idiot but I don’t care 678-863-5361 from georgia ok i am gong to take a breath for a minute cause my fingers are slipping off the keyboard from so much lotion and probably a little cumm mixed in but I washed and cleaned them but dammit that white shirt and blue shorty shorts shiot you make me pre skeet on your white shirt titty s, whew breathe kevin breathe

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      2. I had to take a break and go outside to cool my hands down they were getting hott and couldn’t tell if it was lotion or cumm or sweat on them but M y cock is most definitely swollen a little well hell its little anyways what am i saying. you can also call me shaggy that’s my nickname that I got from all the guys I used to work with, I uh appearently look like shaggy I guess. you can also get me at Google+ my account that I am usually on is and I will share with you every photo that you want and also video’s too of me, I get bored and well I take selfies lol and dear god please please please send me just 2 pictures of you the white shirt and the thong or short shorts or nothing it’s all up to you I just have to cum just 1 more time, I am so horny but I think I killed mini me, I literally beat him to death….


      3. you don’t have to call me just know that I am thinking about you !!!
        You are a piece of Artwork to me because I want to nail you against the wall, sorry that was my best pick up line then I get rejected and go beat off in the bathroom or back out in my truck


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