So today was like any other typical day , I craved for a beer and i  rarely drink .Then i thought i must be pregnant !!! .Then it hit me you have no boyfriend nor are you sexually active .If i miss a period or if i’m a week late i freak out .Lol im paranoid .I can’t help it .

My grandma chased me around the house with a stick trying to clap the smart remark i had made out of me .But she’ll never catch me .The bitch is too old .I then read my email and saw moderate , i freaked out holy macoly somebody reported me , the curse words in my blog , noo !But then i released it was for a comment someone made . whew

Overall it was a beautiful day . Nice weather , good jokes .It was just good .Its the days you could watch go by forever ,You  know what i mean ?

My mom has a boyfriend , he’s ok , but everytime he’s near me his old hands be swinging my way to touch or hit me .What a perve ! . So after the first time i make sure i sit a good distance from him . The perv touched me on my leg ! I gave him my Godfather look.

So i’m here watching sex and the city , eating black forest cake ,drinking schewpps grapefruit soda and getting motherfucking fat and not caring .

So what are your Saturday nights like ?

lol baby inspire me .

Hey u know wat i did last nite ? I went on instagram and made a snarky comment . It felt so gud but so bad ass at the moment .But then it kinda worked at me that there were so many people out there craving attention who did the same thing i did to get attention and that that person had feelings and i shud put myself in their shoes .And plus i love spreading positivity not negativity . The good girl in me kicked in and i apologised . Good thing the girl was understanding and used to it .

So there you go i make mistakes or bad choices and i can’t even live it down . I’m too soft , too good and my conscience won’t let me . But you know what i can live down , drinking schwepps .

lol bye




One thought on “DAY 5: UNAPOLOGETIC

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  1. My saturday, Night and Sunday and just started Monday to get up and move around oh and to get another shower and food to bring to my room so I wouldn’t have to get up too often to go eat, cause my room mate gets all pissy when I walk out of my room with a semi hard on and naked except for a t-shirt on so I can have somewhere to put my cigarettes and lighter, its just a bad habit that I don’t even smoke a half a pack a day, I’m just use to having them in my pocket of my T-shirt, she has a boyfriend and she is into that Domination submissive kind of screwed up torturous sex that they both do so there is no sexual wants or desires there at ALL, other than it just pisses her off, but hey I am paying all the bills and rent so you don’t liuke it then move, I know what it is like to be alone cause i have been for the past 10 years and no woman would ever take an early retired Truck Driver with some tattoo’s and a feverish desire to always be jacking off but it is the only thing in my life that makes me feel good and it does feel good so pretty much if I am not doing anything with my hands then they are rubbing my cock and my right nipple. Now how was your saturday night compared to mine? At least you had a TV to watch I ain’t got diddly, cause it’s in the den and I don’t want to get dressed in my own home to watch my own TV just for her sake dammit .!!!!! lol I am such a lazy woos aren’t I ???

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