So this motherfucker had the nerve , nerve i dare say to not even say Happy Holidays , not even a hi , not even a sup . Maybe it’s because i told him to fuck off .Why do Muslims guys have to be soo disrespectful .I know it’s not all of them, you can’t put a stereotype on everyone because of one bad experience you have had .But he was all I had , he was the only friend i had .

He made me feel special .I know it’s naive and desperate .But he was the only guy or person i talked to besides my parents. I liked him so much . I guess i got boring and he moved on . He once told me there are so many pretty girls in my country , why would i want you ?

My heart broke .

I guess we all learn the hard way huh . I was so stupid , i cudve done better things with my time .But i just wanted someone to talk to , to feel wanted , is that so much to ask for . The asshole . I remembered his birthday , he cudn’t even remember mine .When i told him he said Oh and just continued the conversation .

I know this will offend alot of Muslims but i hope the motherfucker chokes on a Torah .

What do you know i even have bad luck with online guys .

I just wanted someone to talk to and he let me down , he made me feel worse about myself than better and no one should ever make you feel that way .

He just wanted to be an older guy talking to a young girl so he could discuss and laugh at me with his friends .That’s all i was ,an internet booty call .And in some ways i let him , i feel so used .This guy played with my emotions so much .Telling me he loved Β me, he told me things .When he didn’t get his way he would be suicidal , mad , say i wasn’t open with him .

I hope one day someone does the same to him because what goes around comes around .But how do people do that ? Play with people’s emotions for their gain .Give them false hope and rip it from their hand like air being sucked out of you and your fighting to breath .

I feel like i’ve let myself down , again and again .

I just want to love someone and have them love me back , even if it only lasts a minute . I just wanna be loved .

i just want to be the first thing somebody thinks of when they wake up , the first person they message .Everybody is young and in love . Im young where is fucking love ?

Is that too much to ask for ?




28 thoughts on “IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR ?

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  1. Well I don’t know what part of the country you are in, me I am down here in the south a southern gentleman or maybe the last dying breed of them. And as far as someone thinking about you for the last thought before sleep and then dream about you and then wake up and jack off again because he can’t wait to get back on the computer to see what we get to talk about now, well I kinda am already there and it’s only my second day on this site all together !!! I am 48 and I could have sworn I was being a Bad Man cause I really thought you were like in high school and now thank God I know your real age I am even more intrigued and excited and aroused…. This site just keeps getting better and better every minute !! And by all means PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t give up hope, I just got here !!!!! and I am retired already and free every single boring day that my life has been for the past3 retired years of my life. I would and I am definitely interested in getting to know you a WHOLE lots more and I can’t wait to get back and see how your day has been. You Have give me a reason to get out of bed now and function and I greatly appreciate you and your thoughts !!!!
    Even if I am probably too much of a freak for you to even get to talk to on a daily basis. you are the only personb I have to talk with now since I just got this computer hooked up and running, and man, let me tell you we didn’t have web sites like these in the 80’s when Apple first came out, Woweee

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      1. we could chat on google hangouts if you have a google account, and It’s like an instant messenger but seriously I need to take a break from your godessness beauty before like my dad use to tell me you keep playing with that thing your gonna go blind, and now I know what he meant it’s from looking at a goddess of beauty and that you and your perfect everything everywhere

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