So currently i’m at home , and i obviously  have no life , no friends to text and yes sometimes i scroll the yahoo homepage to see whats up  lol . I should get a job , i have tried but the economy is so bad i’d have to be hooker . So what am i currently doing with my life nothing .But thank heavens i get to share it with you guys .

Mom is so annoying asking me about one of my friends i used to talk to .It wasn’t her so much as the question that annoyed me . She’s the ex-friend joseline who started or helped to instigate the rumour that i was gay / a lesbian .Because i wasn’t ready to have a boyfriend ,we were such cool friends , it was Mean Girl all over again . It was so embarassing because she along with everybody was whispering it behind my back . She came with a whole group of her friends one day and asked like a reporter , Are you gay ? .

I mean what kind of friend does that ?! .And then she got new friends upgraded herself and got a brand new attitude to go with it along with a boyfriend who helped spread and i think kinda likes me because he’s always staring at me just weird ,  I guess if he couldn’t get it i was gay .


He certainly got her , fucked her and other people .Then she dumped him .Cant believe she gave her body to that douchebag , it was her choice though , her body .

Oh well i cut that bitch off real quick . No drama .

A friend of mine in high school recently had a baby . People are already turning her into a statistic . How many got pregnant and how many arent  from my high school .People should stop that including myself .I bet their are bigger whores who haven’t gotten pregnant  just chewing the girls out just bubbling with excitement of the latest gossip and feeling high and mighty because they haven’t got caught yet  .

Smart or not their pregnant there’s nothing they can do about it  and they didn’t abort them .That takes a lot of strength . well either way .

So who needs friends ?

Damn this is long .

See you tomorrow bitches





Add yours

      1. Not the guys I used to hang out with, most of them were into total control and domination bull crap and I was like shot I just want to be close enough that she might accidently rub up against me or something, but once we are in the bed room and fooling around I ain’t as shy as I am before we get there, well other than flashing and sneaking a jerk session in somewhere bwahahahs

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