Hey look i’m early . I know this is a topic most people shy away from .They don’t know whether it’s right , wrong . acceptable or its just downright embarassing . I mean it’s what we do in privacy , makes some of look vulnerable , weak that at the end of the day we succumb to our sexual desires .

Well I for one aren’t ashamed . I masturbate everyday .Is it normal i dunno , i don’t care .I lie down spread my legs wide and i’m so wet down there , so tight .Some porn helps or just a good imagination .You’re fingers go down and its’s so moist.

.Have you ever tasted it ? to know what it tastes like .

Haven’t you ever watched a movie and got so horny during a sex scene . So hard that you feel you’re gonna cum right there . That happened to me watching monster ball with halle berry and the white guy .

So do you masturbate and if yes how often ?

People here don’t tallk about it , even bestfriends , it a touchy and taboo topic .

So what are your views ?

How do you masturbate ? lol




11 thoughts on “DAY 4: MASTURBATION

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      1. Me and my ex-girlfriend who were together for 12 years had a marathon one month where in one particular day in the mountains in a log cabin roughing it on vacation, with a hot tub and nature and of course a pond not too far from the cabin for skinny dipping with the chance of getting caught, but back to the subject, during 1 week I was overly excited and horny as hell for the entire week and on 1 single day we did it 11 time and I mean full hard throbbing and making her cum several dozen times or she said anyways and I shot a full load each and every time we did it. now grant it it did take me longer and longer each time but dayummmmmm it felt so frikken good I couldn’t stop and I kept wanting more and more and more, oh yeah I didn’t mention that I wore a blister on my tongue from licking and kissing that little girl in the boat, cause that is my Favorite thing to do Eat pussy and jack off at the same time when possible and I will lick and kiss and drink every last drop of her juices until she grabbed me by my hair and forced me to fukk her, that’s what made it so INTENSE. But it wasn’t meant to be I guess cause i put a ring on every finger she had except the main ring finger and she just wouldn’t marry me, so I moved on and started screwing up my life right, cause us guys we always make bad decisions.! Damn your tits look amazing right next to me typing, you are constantly getting my cock hard, and I look forward to this page daily now….but I did start working out yesterday.

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  1. If I didn’t have to go to work I would have my lotion on the desk no clothes on which is normal for me at home anyways, porn on the computer window shades open just in case a female visitor comes strolling by, hehehehe, and I would constantly have my hand on my cock stroking it. for the most part I usually cum about four times a day so yeah I am pretty much jackin off all day long. (is that a bad thing?) I use a tube about every 2 weeks of Aveeno daily Moisture Lotion, It is the BEST lotion to use to jerk off with cause it makes it feel like a womans hand is stroking me slowly to work it all around the head then slowly down the shaft and balls and then back up to the head with just a little amount of pressure closing my fist up tighter as I start stroking myself slowly and then the pace gets faster and faster until get to the point of no return and I stand up because I am going for a record if I can of shooting my load more than 5 feet away from me or if I can one day work up to hitting the ceiling, that would be impressive. okay gotta take a break thinking about you and your photos here and talkin about it I am gonna have to yank one off, be back in a few maybe !!!!

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