So what am I doing today you might ask ? Christmas stuff ho ho ho , trying to figure this wordpress shit out , my nana which is grandma is asleep so i get a break from the cooking and drink making .I’ve been thinking if i’d look better with bigger boobs but i’ve heard my nana and mom and other people on youtube and read info on google say your body doesn’t fully develop until you’re atleast 25 so young girls shouldn’t be worried  .If you’re reading this i bet you have no life , don’t worry me either .

Another thing i was wondering is how it would feel putting a condom on a guy . I know i always talk about sex but i can’t help it my hormones are flying . Maybe that’s why in some cultures girls my age get married because that’s when the hormones kick in and you’re supposed to reproduce .

So what are you doing for the holidays ?

What do you want for christmas ?

I know what i want 😉

lol i’m going  to go outside it’s soo beautiful out there , enjoy the parade in town and i’ll tell you what happens tomorrow .

I really hope by new year i get a job . I really really need one .

Bye xoxo



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