DAY 1 : Curiosity

So I guess by now most of you have seen the HOW TO HAVE SEX , well the irony is i don’t know how , i wouldn’t know how . And let me tell you by my age i should know how by now .It’s just that i’m overprotective of my body and i have a lot of self worth but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it , how big it wud be , how long , what would it feel like , would i moan out loud, curse , legs wide open .Who knows maybe by the end of next year i’ll be able to tell you .

I don’t think so though because my boy friend is muslim well not really my bf , he’s this guy i met online , you know older type  ,arranged marriage , always asking to see me naked , only talks to me or remembers me when he’s horny and just glad to be talking to a young hot chick , always wants to sex chat but kinda scared he’ll lose his virginity over the internet,but he wants to learn about sex before he marries , we’re like two blind guys screwing in a light bulb . Pfft wat a sleaze , but atleast im not lonely .I don’t have any friends really i guess its complicated .

I haven’t heard from him lately and i guess that why i’m here , so if there’s anybody reading this , anybody out there please comment .

Christmas is around and my arms are aching , get your mind out of the gutter its from painting .So until tomorrow .bye lol xoxo



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